Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Storyboard IV

Jetlag has put me into full-on blogger mania, so yippee I guess. I've got a whole bunch of wonderful stuff that I've dug up, all of which has nothing to do with the real world, but it's fun to look at.
Edvard Munch's painting The Scream was in the forefront of my mind during exams. This painting is notorious for being stolen on multiple occasions, but should also be remembered as it is a wonderful expressionist painting that is celebrated for its use of color and raw emotion emanating from the figure in the foreground.
Well I decided to be creative... or insane and decided to paint it on my face for fun. It. Was. Awesome. I don't think I've ever had this much fun creating art in my whole entire life. It didn't go as smoothly as planned, but I think it is a pretty good effort. Thoughts?
This is Emmanuelle Alt's second French VOGUE cover, this time featuring Kate Moss wearing an Armani Prive Couture jacket. She is the second 'supermodel' to grace the cover since Alt's reign began last month when Gisele Bundchen wore a wonderful white Dolce and Gabbana mini.
Gotta love you some Christian Louboutins, especially when they're disguised as animal paws. Where's Lady Gaga when you need her.
This week Balmain announced that they had filled the head designer spot left vacant by Christophe Decarnin. Meet Olivier Rousteing who will show his first collection for the brand in October of this year. I'll miss Decarnin, but who could be sad for long with someone as good looking as Olivier? I'm excited for the future.
I will be the first to admit that I have a shoe fetish and these Alexander McQueen leafy/winged platforms make it hard to get over my addiction.
It doesn't help that I found the Nicholas Kirkwood Fall 2011 collection online some days ago either...
It was Grace Coddington's 70th birthday recently and VOGUE threw her a wonderful bash and Fashionologie amassed a collection of wonderful photographs and this one was my fave.
So yeah yeah Met Ball, Alexander McQueen ok you've seen it before and here's another photo. Beautiful dress in motion from the Fall 2010 show
This ring was part of a trove of treasures found by an Austrian man in his back yard. The find is approximately 650 years old and a very important discovery for the country
I've had this image of a Burberry trench shot by Tommy Ton, of the JAK & JIL blog, as my desktop forever. I think it is beautiful and very elegant while still being exceptionally on trend
I saw this image of mountains of space dust taken by the Hubble Telescope and it blew my mind. Reminds me of the Christopher Kane Resort 2011 collection, but almost infinitely more beautiful. I wish I lived light years away with a window to this.
Home is where the heart is... I took this photo two summers ago when my Mom and I went hiking at the Seven Sisters by the coast. I think this is the image that inspired my blog... or at least my moniker
Tom Ford does sexy by nature and his latest beauty campaign is nothing but. If only we all looked that nonchalant while covered in soap and drenched, I'd just look like a drowned rat
One of my favorite models, Agy Deyn, made a wonderful return to print work in this British VOGUE spread modeling all-white ensembles. So glad she's 'back', she looks phenomenal in these photos 

And finally I discovered artist Simon Schubert, whose talent is exceptionally unique. He makes paper art out of carefully planned folds and that's it. I don't know how he manages to create shadows and the illusion of 3-dimensionality but whatever he's doing is working!
- Life is good

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beauty in the small things

I'm always alittle in awe of my house when I return home. It's like entering a museum where you're suspended in time where objects from a plethora of cultures come together to tell stories of my life and family. We're hoarders of weird and wonderful artifacts and everyday items. My favorite part is getting really up close and personal with some of them 'cause when you isolate certain parts, they're almost even more beautiful.

Not very wordy today, have a good one!

- Life is good

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Monday, May 2, 2011

I'll admit it, I'm a Hypocrite

It's been a pretty momentous past few days for the Alexander McQueen label: Saturday Kate Middleton wore a McQueen/ Sarah Burton creation down the aisle and tonight is the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala celebrating Lee's contributions to fashion in a retrospective Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow 'Weddings weddings I love weddings, drinks all around.' Well there was cause to drink for this one. It was reported that 2 billion tuned in to watch the 2nd in line for the throne marry his 10 year sweetheart.

Royal Family Portrait
And the adorable wedding portrait
So Kate Middleton's wedding dress. It was one of the most secretive affairs of the year... who was being considered to design it, who should, who wouldn't, who was lying etc. After her Fall 2011 show many though Burton's finale of several voluminous white gowns was a declaration of intent or an admission of the task but Burton continued to deny her involvement until the very last minute. It wasn't until I saw this photo of a mysterious woman entering the Middleton's hotel hours before the wedding that I knew Burton was involved:
Notice the studded belt... that is what many saw as the give away

I said there was no way you could pay me to get up to watch the festivities... I may or may not have lied about that. Alright, I did get up at quarter to six to see it, but I maintain that I only wanted to see the dress and stayed long enough to see it and then mercifully went back to bed. And how glad am I that I saw it... SO GLAD! It was perfection.
Burton used English lace and French Chantilly lace on the bodice and sleeves of the gown and white satin gazaar for the skirt that was meant to resemble a flower

The dress featured a form fitting silhouette and a V-neck décolleté

My favorite image of Kate and Pippa and the dresses, both by McQueen
I think she chose perfectly and there was no-one more up to the task than Sarah. The dress is very reminiscent of that worn by the effervescent Grace Kelly in her 1956 wedding to Ranier III of Monacco.
Look at the skirt of Kate's dress and you can see even more intricate lacework... The two dresses are similar in their sleek form fitting silhouettes, lace bodices and sleeves and voluminous skirts
Kate wasn't the only well dressed Middleton at the wedding by far. Some even think her sister Pippa upstaged her on her big day... you can decide what you think
In McQueen for the ceremony and Alice Temperly for the banquet and party after

Guests, too, pulled out all the stops and there were some fantastic outfits, tuxes and fascinators - those amazingly crazy hats that milliners like Philip Treacy, a close friend of Lee's, created for many of the women attending.
Posh and Becks, he in Ralph Lauren and she in Victoria Beckham... duh. And to the right is my favorite look of the wedding Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in electric blue head (Philip Treacy fascinator) to toe (Nicholas Kirkwood platforms). Way to make a statement
David Cameron's better half Samantha looked positively amazing in a teal Burberry sheath that was both chic and fashion forward when paired with the orange scarf. And then there was the hysterical hat that Harry and William's cousin Eugenie sported... definitely a fascinating fascinator.
Elton John and David Furnish holding their Golden tickets and on the right... what is Ian Thorpe doing there?
The Queen looking resplendent in a pale yellow Angela Kelly ensemble and Kate's mother Carole in a periwinkle blue Catherine Walker outfit.
Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge... so let's leave em alone to enjoy being married
Oh, I forgot look at the beautiful dress Kate donned for the reception... yeah in case you're wondering, it's McQueen too!
Can she stop being so gorge please?
Now that Kate is married and the dress issue is over you'd think I'd shut up about McQueen... haha you must be joking. The Met Ball is probably starting as I type and I found this image of the interior earlier, I can only imagine how amazing it is going to look filled with his dresses and gorgeous people... tune in soon to see the looks.

Here are some of the dresses that will be showcased in the exhibit:
Stella Tennant in a gown from the Voss 2001 show
Raquel Zimmerman in one of the chess piece inspired outfits from It's Only A Game in 2005
Coco Rocha in a straightjacket from the Voss 2001 show
Karen Elson in a lace gown from the Willows of Culloden show 2006 - this dress was based off of Sarah's wedding dress
Karlie Kloss from Number 13 in 1999 - this is the show Shalom Harlow finished spinning on a turntable being strayed by robots
Caroline Trentini in the famous flower gown from the Sarabande show in 2007
Don't argue with he, the man was a genius. Can't wait until tomorrow! 

- Life is good

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