Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please sir, can I have some more?

Geez Louise, I'm frustrated. So, I've been perma-hungry these days and I've tried to keep myself from binge eating like crazy, but with my current swim schedule it's hard not to snack extremely irregularly/constantly. And despite the seven practices a week, somehow I seem to be gaining weight so here's to hoping that this post will satisfy my hunger cravings in some sort of alternative psychological way...

I'm not sure what I was doing when surfing the web the other day, but I came across four things that make up this collective food inspired post:

1) The trailer for a film version one of my all time favorite childhood books
2) A man who created a certain pop-star's recent album cover featuring her floating in cotton candy
3) An article on Yahoo about 'Fashion as food'
4) Another pop star who has a fancy for eclectic dressing
    ... well inevitably the hungry beast inside me went 'COOL' and this was the beginning of the end.

So #1... If you didn't read this book as a child, you did not have a childhood. The 2009 film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is loosely based upon the children's book by Judi and Ron Barrett and is my ticket to satisfying my hunger pangs without the actual eating experience.
    - Courtesy of the SonyPictures Youtube channel
    Personally I would love the title of 'shenangianizer'... and a machine that dispenses hamburgers instead of rain. Kingston would be a very different place... mmmmm. 

    #2 Playing on Youtube is the absolute worst because you can jump so effortlessly from video to video without any obstacle and on this occasion I came across the making-of-video for Katy Perry's song "California Girls'. 
    - Video stills from katyperry.com
    Well, in said video Katy credits an artist called Will Cotton for the idea behind the candy themed video. Cotton is a painter who deals with themes of 'temptation, gluttony and indulgence' (from website willcotton.com). Cotton appears in the video as he was creatively involved in transforming some of his own paintings into part of the 'Candyland' video set and in addition to that he even created her album artwork, which I found out is actually a painting.... NOT a photograph. 
    I shouldn't be surprised, right? I mean I know he's a painter, but this work is so stunningly lifelike that it's slightly hard to believe. 

    I drew a parallel from his style to one which we touched briefly in my Modern class... and please bear with me, it does make sense; I want to introduce you to two quite influential artists: William Bouguereau and Paul Cezanne
    Bouguereau, The Spinner, oil on canvas                                                                    Cézanne, Bather, oil on canvas
    They're so extremely stylistically different, it seems impossible for them to share any sort of relationship. Would it surprise you then, if I told you that these works were painted about only 15 years apart? (Bouguereau - 1873 and Cézanne - 1887 -89). My interest is the way in which the painters apply the paint to the canvas... whereas Cézanne is refusing to conform with the aesthetics of the time and lathers paint onto the canvas, Bouguereau has manipulated the paint and blended it to render a more realistic figure. In Cézanne's work you can tell that there are layers of paint, it is raw and there are discernable brushstrokes. All these factors contribute to help declare it as a painting whereas one just assumes the same about Bouguereau who is attempting to blend his paint to create a smooth, flat surface with no distractions. Moreover, Cézanne uses a childish black outline (we all did it. Did you know that black is the first color crayon to be finished?) because he's concerned with his contours whereas Bouguereau is concerned that his word is rooted in realism and his figure is something we could see in actuality. Bouguereau's paintings were often derogatorily labelled, by his contemporaries, as 'licked' which is in reference to the smooth surface and extreme naturalism. This style of varnished surfaces led to exhibition openings to be called vanisages.

    My point? I would call the highly realistic oil on linen paintings by Cotton licked as well and I definitely draw a parallel between what he does and Bouguereau's style. The funny thing is that when it comes to 'licked' the word could definitely be used as a double entendre... take a look:
    This is probably the image that Katy Perry saw and wanted her album cover based off of. If only I liked cotton candy...
    By now hopefully you're seeing some of the repeated imagery from Katy's film stills... like this candy forest.

    I really really can see this as existing in the Alps somewhere... shrouded in fog and probably so good.
    This flan pond is probably one of my favorites because it looks so conceivable.
    My housemates didn't believe this was a painting, and to be honest I truly thought this one was a photo.
    - Images courtesy of willcotton.com
    Time for swim practice... yum, can you even imagine? I find his work extremely refreshing as I've never come across something like it before. It gives still life painting a whole new dimension, lay off the fruit and start painting candy!

    #3 Yahoo.com is my wonderful homepage and I often find myself floundering aimlessly in its amazing niche of articles. It's my way of escaping the university bubble and breaking out into what's 'going on in the world'. Well, last week one of the featured articles was about 'Fashion as Food' and that piqued my interest as I'd already come across Will Cotton. So the artist in question, photographer Ted Sabarese, imagined up a shoot called 'Hunger Pains' in which models wore outfits completely composed of food. Designs were created by Ami Goodheart of SOTU ProductionsSabarese, on his website, 'I've had a fascination, lately, with the relationship between people and what they eat. The models wore clothes made entirely of real food that depict a meal each person was craving.'

    These are some pretty creative people... these are the days where I wish I was about 10 years older and had already established myself so that I could have had a hand in this:
    Carbs... pretty standard, don't all models crave carbs? This one is probably one of my favorites because of the big bun shoulder pads and the purse is insane!
    This dresses was designed by two ex-Project Runway contestants
    Lady Gaga... 'nuff said. But just to clarify, this came first. I think it's a bit more tasteful, yet still juicy.
    Every swimmer's dream... a carb outfit. Bet all the spaghetti was pretty finicky to play with and try and manipulate.
    - Photos courtesy of tedsabarese.com/blog - Hunger Pains shoot
    Waffles for the win!

    To emphasize how amazingly intricate these designs were and the time involved Ted uploaded a behind-the-scenes-video of the goings on and it reveals 
    -  Video courtesy of tedsabrese youtube channel
    I love behind-the-scenes videos because you get to see the big picture, literally. I can't even imagine standing up for six hours, let alone while someone glued leaves to me. 

    #4 Lastly but certainly not least: an eclectic dressing pop star...ok so it's obvious I'm dredging up Lady Gaga once again. Here we see her again donning an outfit that garnered some criticism. A dress made out of meat... designed by Franc Fernandez, it had PETA alittle bit outraged. But then, I heard she's having the dress being made into beef jerkey so it's not going to waste. I can't even imagine the feeling... is it slimey Gaga? 
    - Photo courtesy of the National Post.com
    So, I should really thank Gaga for 'inviting' me into this fantastical world of food and fashion and art because if she says go... I do. No, in all seriousness each of these listed individuals is responsible for opening my eyes to something new, fresh and full of shenanigans... yum. I'm hungry.

    - Life is good

    Listening to: 'London and Solomon Vandy' - from the Blood Diamond Soundtrack (really beautiful)
    Observations: Amazed that I ate a whole cauliflower (I usually hate cauliflower)
    Craving: more baked goods

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