Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ch-check it out

And it starts like this...
The Beastie Boys, while not the most fashion forward, are pretty integral to my theme today. After the manic jumpings around of yesterday I decided that a concise post (or two) might suffice today.

Did you know that Ch-check it out, the 2004 hit actually was #1 on the Canadian Singles Chart... pretty cool eh.

Anyway, what do the Beastie Boys...

And this...

- Pierre Bonnard, The Red-Checkered Tablecloth
Have in common?

Oh c'mon losers it's checkers! 'Ch-check it out', Chinese checkers and checker table clothes. 

Checkers are the fashion destination for today... The three designers I'm focusing on are Derek Lam, Polloni and Wunderkind - all of who's SS 10 collections feature checkers.

Comparison 1
Baby checkers.... awwwww. We have Derek Lam on our left and Polloni on our right. Duke it out ladies! I personally can't choose which outfit I prefer... yes I love the thigh high skirts and I'm obsessed with cigarette pants so this is a difficult one. But both feature teeny weeny baby checkers so yay!

Yeah so... Derek Lam didn't have many checkered items in his collection so, HELLO POLLONI!
Aren't they pretty? The whole gingham, plaid, checkers thing is so springy and happy and I can just see all the kids at uni bopping around in one of these dresses because plaid will never get old in 'the Great White North'.
Lets go clockwise: You've got girly plaid - all pretty and piiiiink, Primary color plaid - red, yellow and blue (color theory yeeeeeesss), High fashion plaid - look at the SHOES & Casual I'm-going-to-a-festival plaid - get me a jean jacket, some gladiator sandals and a fedora STAT!

Comparison 2
Polloni vs. Wunderkind - ding ding ding. FIIIIGHHT!
Gosh darnit ... they're both so damn cute. I need to stop groveling about how awesome clothes are. This is a commentary, not a bitch fest.
This Polloni masterpiece is pretty awesome because of the neatly cinched waist. The focus of that sentence should be 'neat' because that is what this look is. Clean and streamlined whereas the Wunderkind look is 'wonderful' but alittle more grunge, if that word is still acceptable. There's quite alot going on in this look... layering, plaid, blue, ruffles etc... yes. Perfect-o.
Checkers, plaid... it's glorious! And slightly eclectic. Whereas Polloni's aesthetic is very clean streamlined these Wunderkind looks are alot more... urgh lack of adjective is killing me. The fabric looks rougher, like raffia meets wool meets cotton, but in a good way. It doesn't look itchy (because that's what my description is leaning towards) it just looks like it wouldn't move the same way as the Polloni dresses. The looks are rougher, they could be worn by power women (a theme of the SS 10 catwalks). Anyway, I'm gonna shut up because I'm rambling.

Yes, plaid is amaaaazing.

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Observations: Flipping through my new British Vogue that incidentally features the same cover dress as Elle UK and W... uh oh
Craving: real food... I'm a crap cook

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pretty Proenza

Ok, this is alittle melodramatic but..... SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER.

Phew, I feel slightly better with that sentiment off of my chest 'cause it's been eating away at me. Yes, I do know I still have all of August, but I feel as though time has flown by way too fast... Wait, wait wait, let me explain. I've LOVED my summer so far and had some amazing times: from one of my housemates visiting England, Venice for my study abroad, my kick ass job, the fantastic weather, more socials than I can count ... blah blah it's been amazing. I just have that nagging, tugging feeling that I haven't gone apeshit enough... yet.

I haven't worn enough crazy shit. I haven't blogged enough. I haven't spent enough time with my rents. I haven't been into the city enough. I haven't laughed excessively enough <--- getting there though.

Anyhow, today is alittle all over the place.

First stop: my all time favorite designer's website.... Alexander McQueen.
With a homepage like this (clearly displaying his creative genius) how can you not love him. I miss him every day and this sounds like a massive overstatement, but it's true. Go visit him at, it really is lifechanging.

One of the things I want most in the world is to own something of his... I don't care if it's a pin head with the McQueen logo, it just has to have come from him! So I was browsing his sale items and found some beautttttiful stuff...

This manta ray shaped clutch featuring his signature graphic print from his SS 10 collection is so beautiful it hurts. I happened to notice the awful 'Out of stock' symbol flashing on the side of the webpage and my soul was crushed, especially because it was moderately affordable as well. Just over 100 pounds, which would be a significant portion of my upcoming salary but is relatively cheap for a McQueen original. Mourn with me, it is stunning, but alas it was not meant to be.
While the clutch is all of my favorite things: colorful, outlandish, quirky... etc. This scarf is the epitome of the Alexander McQueen empire. His signature skull motif is legend and these scarves pop up all over the place. For instance as I was watching a Top Gear episode tonight there was a girl in the front wearing this exact scarf.
I WANT IT! I'm sorry, my five year old self needed a hissy fit.

See, more skulls. This clutch is definitely not on sale and I could never afford it even if I did sell all my belongings and became a street busker (which I considered doing when I initially saw it). It doesn't have the brass knuckle handle which is pretty bad-ass but the metal detailing and the skulls are so 'now' and so amazingly sick. However, I could never go out at uni with this so... until I am the next Anna Wintour, this baby is a no go. Tear

Expect more McQueen posts from me, I'm working on some big stuff, especially in my sketchbook.

Next on my agenda is the fabulously sensational Proenza Schouler and my spectacular bargain hunting efforts.
The designer duo of Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are extremely reliable when it comes to dressing women well and they manage to make sexy look so effing easy. I want, I want, I want. Again, forgive the immature whining.

Here are a few of their colorful show stopping looks from their SS 10 collection: (this is going somewhere)
The blue, yellow and electric greens are great against tanned legs. Good thing I'm working outside haha although I'm hating my farmer's tan because the hems this summer are so short. The skirt and sweater combo on the left is one of my favorite looks for the summer and I have so many clippings of it from so many different magazines... obviously I'm not alone in my love for it.

The color scheme and patterns of these dresses are like plant life from a coral reef. With feathered hems and silky fabrics you couldn't be more spot on for the summer. These two dresses feature the pattern that I've been ogling for a while.

So, check it out. The graphic, mirror pattern in the luxurious silky material... again colorful, outlandish, quirky and STUH-NNING. Obviously not even close to being in my price range... BUT, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!
Too bad it's out of stock :(
But, it's an extremely similar pattern and it's very similar in style/tailoring to the Proenza Schouler version. How well did I do huh? I found this dress on - my go to website for clothes online and it's my downfall. It's the reason I find studying so damn hard. This dress was about 40 pounds compared to the probably couple thou that Proenza Schouler rightfully charge for theirs.

Also, lookie lookie at what else I dug up.... I think it looks kinda similar. The metallic green and blue on the black. It's from my high school art exhibition and belongs to a series of fingerprint images. The pattern reminds me of the dress again, but maybe I'm pushing it.
Anyway: I just wanted to show off my skills: my I-found-a-designer-dress-that-has-an-affordable-counterpart-on-my-favorite-website skills.

Live it, love it, someday I will wear it.

- Life is good!!

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Craving: My imminent trip out tomorrow night

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

UB40 says Red Red.... something

Ello ello there...
I beg forgiveness for being so utterly miserable at updating my blog. I couldn't upload my photos from Venice while I was there and I've been super lazy since I got back to England (inexcusable really). My study abroad was absolutely fantastic. The course was riveting and the city was so awesome. Being there for a month meant that I didn't get a shoddy tourist view (which I'm not slamming) but I was able to get to know the streets, the city and some of the people. I am buddies with a waiter named Guido (Jersey shore, I know!!) and got free shots from my English pub bartenders in addition to having a favorite morning fruit man and a coffee shop whose waiters wished we would leave them alone and stop ordering caffe Americanos haha. Venice shall come later but for now something I've been brewing for a while.

It really started after seeing this woman on the big screen:
Some are going... do you mean Helena Bonham Carter? But others are correct in going... What the eff? The Red Queen?
Answer is hell yes... the RED Queen.

She's pretty iconic for her color co-ordination, I mean here she is from my childhood Disney book having her minions paint here roses red:
That's dedication to rouge really...

So red is the name of the game today (durrr)
How many shades can you come up with.... I've got
Crimson, Cherry, Fire Engine, Burgundy, Carmine, Ruby, Vermillion but there's tons more (challenge yourselves)
Red is typically the color associated with lust, passion, power (Red Queen you are so damn right), warning, anger and courage.
It's a very overpowering color that some can pull off and others can't... I'm trying to think of items of clothing I own that are completely red and none are really springing to mind other than a burgundy shirt I have in every color under the rainbow.... (Uniqlo are like the Japanese Gap and these wonderful cotton shirts are the best basic ever)

So lets foray into my fashion encyclopedia from the Spring looks:

Love me some Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria Beckham. Each choose to feature long column like red dresses that scream 'Look at me!'. I can see the Tommy dress on the street or walking along a boardwalk paired with a distressed jean jacket and some spectacular gladiator sandals, but there is only one way you can wear Victoria Beckham clothes and that is with sky high heels. Platforms are preferable... but the point is not to see them, they're just meant to add height to the Amazon like woman floating in the red gown.

Elie Saab and Versus couldn't be less alike. Again with Saab we're seeing a long, Grecian style dress (albeit in a softer red that is leaning towards pink) but Versus is playing up the thigh skimming length and slits (Hey! Didn't I do a freakishly long post about slits?... Look down) I can wearing myself the Versus to a Saatchi opening (when I receive my invite) with a pair of these Nicholas Kirkwood heels... gorgeous right?

Here we're looking at two Donna Karan creations. The dress could be a Red Queen-goes-to-the-ball outfit, while the suit could be a Red-Queen-buisness-style-ass-kicking outfit.... Anyway the suit is powerdressing to the max. Was just in the Financial district in London and all I saw was the usual mass of black... maybe the fashionable ladies don't consort with us normal people at lunch.
Finally we've got the heavy hitters: Badgley Mischka and Dior, each with silky, sultry confections. The Dior dress is channeling underwear -as- outerwear again and is perfectly cut... as usual. And the Mischka dress is stuh-nning, the necklace definitely adds some class and glamor. I have one that reminds me of it.
Got this at Topshop the second week I was home from Venice. I think I was tired of walking around without my usual bunch of necklaces and wearing typical tourist clothes, so I went all out with the glitz... I kinda love this. It brightens up a plain black tee and can go from day to night faster than you can say Rouge. All I need now is that dress.... any offers haha.

Anyway that's all for now folks. I'll try not to be so irregular.

- Life is great despite not being able to go to Canada for a few days

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