Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ch-check it out

And it starts like this...
The Beastie Boys, while not the most fashion forward, are pretty integral to my theme today. After the manic jumpings around of yesterday I decided that a concise post (or two) might suffice today.

Did you know that Ch-check it out, the 2004 hit actually was #1 on the Canadian Singles Chart... pretty cool eh.

Anyway, what do the Beastie Boys...

And this...

- Pierre Bonnard, The Red-Checkered Tablecloth
Have in common?

Oh c'mon losers it's checkers! 'Ch-check it out', Chinese checkers and checker table clothes. 

Checkers are the fashion destination for today... The three designers I'm focusing on are Derek Lam, Polloni and Wunderkind - all of who's SS 10 collections feature checkers.

Comparison 1
Baby checkers.... awwwww. We have Derek Lam on our left and Polloni on our right. Duke it out ladies! I personally can't choose which outfit I prefer... yes I love the thigh high skirts and I'm obsessed with cigarette pants so this is a difficult one. But both feature teeny weeny baby checkers so yay!

Yeah so... Derek Lam didn't have many checkered items in his collection so, HELLO POLLONI!
Aren't they pretty? The whole gingham, plaid, checkers thing is so springy and happy and I can just see all the kids at uni bopping around in one of these dresses because plaid will never get old in 'the Great White North'.
Lets go clockwise: You've got girly plaid - all pretty and piiiiink, Primary color plaid - red, yellow and blue (color theory yeeeeeesss), High fashion plaid - look at the SHOES & Casual I'm-going-to-a-festival plaid - get me a jean jacket, some gladiator sandals and a fedora STAT!

Comparison 2
Polloni vs. Wunderkind - ding ding ding. FIIIIGHHT!
Gosh darnit ... they're both so damn cute. I need to stop groveling about how awesome clothes are. This is a commentary, not a bitch fest.
This Polloni masterpiece is pretty awesome because of the neatly cinched waist. The focus of that sentence should be 'neat' because that is what this look is. Clean and streamlined whereas the Wunderkind look is 'wonderful' but alittle more grunge, if that word is still acceptable. There's quite alot going on in this look... layering, plaid, blue, ruffles etc... yes. Perfect-o.
Checkers, plaid... it's glorious! And slightly eclectic. Whereas Polloni's aesthetic is very clean streamlined these Wunderkind looks are alot more... urgh lack of adjective is killing me. The fabric looks rougher, like raffia meets wool meets cotton, but in a good way. It doesn't look itchy (because that's what my description is leaning towards) it just looks like it wouldn't move the same way as the Polloni dresses. The looks are rougher, they could be worn by power women (a theme of the SS 10 catwalks). Anyway, I'm gonna shut up because I'm rambling.

Yes, plaid is amaaaazing.

Listening to: the droning voice of Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana
Observations: Flipping through my new British Vogue that incidentally features the same cover dress as Elle UK and W... uh oh
Craving: real food... I'm a crap cook

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