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While filming 'Gladiator', Russell Crowe complimented my sandals

We've all seen the films:
  • Hercules (1997) starring the voice talents of Tate Donovan and Danny DeVito - Probably in my top 10 fave Disney films, for real. How can you not love the adorable Herc and the absolutely hilarious Phil. The music is pretty great as well, gotta love the gospel style Muses (Zero to Hero is a great song!)
  • Gladiator (2000) starring Russell Crowe & Joaquin Phoenix - One of my absolute favorite films. This was the pivotal film that ushered in the 'Gladiator Effect' - initiating a revival of interest in theClassics (pretty sweet consideringI'm a Classics minor). Also, Hans Zimmer does an AMAZING job with the soundtrack.
  • Troy (2004) starring Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom & Eric Bana - Ok, so it's only really good for the Brad Pitt butt scene in thebeginning, but I've heard he used a body double for that. Sorry ladies. Pretty hard to keep historically accurate considering the archaeological site for Troy was basically destroyed by Heinrich Schliemann and the only historical records we have for it are written by the epic poet Homer. Still, good film for late night dorm watching.
  • Alexander (2004) starring Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto - I actually haven't seen this one, but I'm a huge Alexander the Great fan, despite the fact that I've heard this film is horrrrrible. Who am I to judge? I'll just read a book instead.
  • 300 (2007) starring Gerard Butler - Was it really this long ago?!?! Well, who can forget the 12,000,000 pack that Gerard sported for this film. I mean, really, those abs (although probs drawn on as well) were spectacular. Another epic action film and some pretty great costuming, or lack there-off. Mmmmmmmm.
We know the iconic statues:

The Venus De Milo, made famous to millions of children by the Disney film 'Hercules' - yes this is the statue he destroys when out on a date with Meg. It's housed in the Louvre and I'm dying to hit up Paris for a day just to mooch around the museum. On our right is a personal favorite from ARTH 120, the Laocoon group. There are so many different versions of this. I saw one housed in the Uffizi museum in Florence/Firenze in May and there is one at the Vatican. Either way, this Hellenistic Greek masterpiece is so beautiful - with its twisting forms and exaggerated poses. I love the stance of the son on the right; the gesture of pulling the snake's coil from around his ankle is so elegant.
Probably one of the most famous sculptures of all time: Michelangelo's David (which I also happened to see in Florence). What can I say here other than it's absolutely a religious (and I mean this in a kind-of awe inspiring way) experience seeing this. While a Renaissance masterpiece Michelangelo, like so many others, was channeling the classical age with this study in form and grace. On our right we have another Louvre housed artwork: the Nike of Samothrace or also known as the Winged Victory. She sits at the top of the Daru staircase in Louvre. Pretty spectacular eh? I wanna go to work every day and see that... that is a career goal and a half.

Here's the legacy in fashion - Greco/Roman dressing SS '10

I feel as though several looks came down the runway that could be plonked on a statue like the ones above and pass for couture a la 300 BC.
Elie Saab & Donna Karan both showed a sleek one shoulder, column dress in the prettiest nude shade. Now, I use the word column because I think it aptly describes the shape of the garment but also I think there is a cheeky similarity between these (above) and those (below).
These are Caryatids also known as the Porch of Maidens at a building called the Erechtheion at the Parthenon - cool eh? Greece is definitely on my top 10 list of places to visit although the British Museum does have an amazing collection of Parthenon marbles that they stole.... controversy.
These are just some examples of Ionic and Corinthian columns.

Quickly let me bust out some architectural notes. There are three different orders of column (there are several other lesser orders, but these are the three that constitute the triumvirate of awesome). They are: Doric - the thicker, heftier and more masculine of the three columns with little to no detail on the capital (top bit of the column). Ionic - have volutes on the capital (look like a spiral scroll) and are usually fluted (the grooves running vertically down the column). They are slightly more decorative and feminine than the Doric but less so than the next order. Corinthian - the most decorative because of the very detailed and beautiful capital and is the most feminine.
I think that the two dresses, while maybe not the designers intention, have a very Classical vibe. They're also uncannily alike, even down to the pose the model has been captured in hahaa. Wow, I amuse myself.

Emilio Pucci and Jasmine Di Milo are also loving the one shoulder trend, again, featuring voluminous, floor sweeping, pastel/nude dresses. (Can we just stare in awe at Karlie Kloss, strutting in her stunning Pucci dress!) I'm loving the gathered waist and thigh baring slit that Pucci shows. He's also got her going completely Greek with a pair of gladiator sandals peeking out from under the pale pink confection. Jasmine Di Milo (Who is actually Jasmine Al Fayed - daughter of old Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed and sister to Dodi Al Fayed of the Diana scandal) adds some beautiful brown chiffon that wraps around the bodice her Greeco-Roman dress. The fabric looks quite sheer and light and hugs the model perfectly. A+ for a young brand, although has reported that her label is shutting down :( what a shame.

Meg, from Hercules, shows us that you don't necessarily have to have a one shouldered dress to be stylish way back in the B.C.E.
Plus, it's pink!
Two designers that follow a different design pattern are Alberta Ferretti & Fendi, whose nude column dresses hug the shoulders of their models. On the left in Ferretti, model Iris Strubegger almost blends into her dress. The dress drapes over her shoulders and is gathered under the bust, to spill out in a very cloudy chiffon mist of pale pink. Apparently this is one of her signatures and she is known for churning out 'goddess dresses'. On the other hand, Karl Lagerfeld is a genius and one of the most famous designers of all time. His collection for Fendi SS '10 was very whispy and light as demonstrated perfectly by this beige dress (BTW beige and camel are very in for Autumn/Winter). This dress is very Roman-esque because of the draping across the bust, to preserve modesty, and then layering lace and drapery. It's fab fab fabulous... thanks Karl.

He won an Academy Award for his action and heroism, but I think this leather armor deserves an award for it's awesomeness...
We've seen long goddess-like dresses with draping and lace and detailed appliques but now we turn to the aggressive, shorter hems that I associate with the 'Gladiator dress.'
Versus and Fashion Fringe both deal with the goddess trend by showing short length dresses with what looks like armor and breastplates. Versus is again channelling the one shoulder but has an interesting metallic panel bisecting the dress. The model looks positively Amazonian and all she needs is Russell's sword and shield and she's off to war. Fashion Fringe is showing a dress that just screams 'warrior queen' and 'Athena' (look below) to me. Both dresses are totally inconvenient for battle, but they'll definitely intimidate the competition.
Above is the goddess Athena, often seen wearing a helmet and breastplate. She could teach the models above a thing or two.

I apologize for poor quality of this image but do we all remember this scene from Troy...

Ok it is the one where Orlando Bloom was naked and although his acting wasn't nearly as good as it was in Lord of the Rings (he didn't speak that's why) but check out the necklace Paris is giving Helen.
Yeah, this is my version.

I donno if I mentioned that I make jewelry but, yep... here is one of my favorites. I think I'd pair it with the Donna Karan or the Versus dress...

To wear this goddess trend I say pile on a statement necklace, something like the Paris version or the one above. I like the simplicity of it and the rawness of the pearls because it doesn't seem to contrived. I can actually see some wealthy Greek woman busting this out as she went to watch a Gladiatorial bout or something of that nature. You could also do with some kick butt earrings. Personally I would do either a necklace or the earrings but not both. Nude platforms are a go, or gladiator sandals but please not in metalics, a nice, natural leather is good. Or you could go barefoot and be all goddess-y and tred on clouds and stuff like that.

Anyway, sorry for being absolutely shite at posting (I'll stop apologizing and get on with it). My housemate from Canada is visiting me tomorrow!!

- Life is good

Listening to: 'Caesar' by I Blame Coco (Sting's daughter)
Observations: Watched my sister's short films from her trip to the New York Film Academy (go shorty)
Craving: Sleep, so goodnight

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