Sunday, December 11, 2011

For your pleasure

I've always loved Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci, but his fall 2011 collection for the house was one of my favourites he's ever done and quite possibly my favourite of the season . Think panthers, purple, patent leather, orchids, peplum, velvet, chains, Baroque, organza, palm fronds, symmetry, sheer, bombshells, yellow, silk and body-con... and that's only just the beginning:

What made the collection so successful was it's subtlety and suggestiveness. It wasn't the overt sexiness that you expect, instead there was a modesty to the collection, yet it was slightly tousled by the body-consciousness of the cuts and the sheer skirts. I've been trolling the internet trying to find one of those panther shirts or Baroque looking tops, sadly to no avail.

Found some wonderful Givenchy editorials and when you've got a good thing going... why not keep it going. 

Sigh... still can't find myself a piece of the collection that I could afford although there is a very badass black, silk panther scarf that I could convince myself is worth it. 

File:Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure (Polydor 1973 LP).jpg
You may have already seen this Roxy Music For Your Pleasure album cover before in my posts, but it seems very appropriate here as Riccardo must have used this as one of his sources of inspiration... don't you think?

Kanye West is one of Riccardo's biggest celeb fans and in addition to sporting Givenchy on multiple occasions (do you remember the rottweiler sweater?) he's even had Riccardo design two of his album covers: on the left is Watch the Throne, his collaboration with Jay-Z (actually such a good listen) and on the right is the cover for the single H.A.M which features the rottweiler motif from Givenchy's fall menswear collection.

File:Watch The Throne.jpg

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Storyboard VIII

It's that time again. Found me some interesting things. This time round though, it's heavier on the videos. Enjoy!

We just looked at the lovely Rooney Mara, but here she is again covering Dazed and Confused looking wonderfully serene in what looks like one of those Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 headpieces. Instant win.

I don't have enough good things to say about Beyonce. Here she is covering Dazed and Confused, but she could not look any more different than Rooney. Here she is over the top, divalicious and rocking Givenchy like a boss.

This film and this soundtrack make me feel small... like a speck of dust in the universe small. One of my favourite films of the year, yeah it is kinda pretentious and often has no dialogue, but the imagery is stunning. Hoping it's going to be up for an Oscar for Best Picture.

I've had a whole archive of behind the scenes photos from the Savage Beauty exhibition by the Met. This is my favourite because of the beauty of the skull clutch in contrast with the unfinished work going on in the background. Must love studs and skulls.

This is another video that makes me feel small in the scheme of the universe. I would very much like to see the Aurora Borealis now. Richard Branson take me to space please?

I love art and I love fashion. More specifically I love Renaissance art and I love McQueen's fashions. Laura Stone looks powerful and gorgeous in this dominatrix/ bondage dress by Burton. Couldn't tell you what fresco or painting is behind her but I love the contrast.

I'm pretty sure we're all excited for the Hunger Games film adaptation to hit screens this summer. It truly does look amazing although I probably should read the books first (they're on my Christmas list, I swear). Anyway, Instyle has asked ten designers to design their version of the Fire Dress for Catniss. Here are BCBG Generation, Tibi and Charlotte Ronson's very different takes on the heroine's dress. 

Pure genius. The arts/entertainment/fashion magazine at Queen's posted this on their Facebook and I thought I needed to re-post it. In order to attempt to replicate these... I'm off to buy a man's shirt.

The 2012 Pirelli Calendar was released the other day and at the after-party Natasha Poly turner up in this Tom Ford creation. I guess I'm including it because I knew straight off the bat who the designer was, even though he shows his collections in his über exclusive showings.

[Rooney Mara, Tree of Life, Spacce, Tom Ford, Natasha Poly, Hunger GamesMan's Shirt, Laura Stone and Beyonce on Fashiongonerogue and McQueen on]

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Mrs. Edward Scissorhands

I has new hair. I'm the love child of Kramer (Seinfeld anyone?) and Edward Scissorhands. New hair warrants new style: so, from now on I'm going to try to rock androgyny. Among other things.
Button down: American Eagle (Mens)
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Asos

Oh and I also has new shoes. New hair, new shoes... perfect opportunity to bust out the camera. 
My sister tells me that perspex heels are for strippers... I don't care. The only way to make these any more epic is if I could figure out how to get fish into the heel. PETA would be after me for sure.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tattoos aren't passé anymore

So David Fincher's adaptation of the worldwide smash hit and now cult novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is coming to theatres on December 21st. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see it, but I'm very apprehensive about how it is going to compare with the novel and the spectacular Swedish version that came out in 2009. The story of Lisbeth Salanader, miracle hacker and serial badass, is a dark one. One that Hollywood could either possibly enrich or grossly mistreat... 

Rooney Mara, a relative unknown, beat out some truly big-time names to snag the coveted role of Lisbeth (a role originated by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace) and she's undergone a serious, almost unrecognizable transformation in preparation.

 Rooney Mara before, pretty fresh faced and respectable...

Mara as Lisbeth Salander... alittle different eh?

 Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish films

Obviously with this role comes a mountain of press; when the book of the new millennium is turned into a film, it becomes a pretty big deal. And you know you've made it big when you're wearing all black, have bleached eyebrows and a multitude of piercings and these guys come knocking down your door for an interview and a cover no less...

And as if that's not enough, H&M is launching their very own line of clothes based on the film, coming to stores on December 14th. I pulled a few of my favourite looks here for you... really into the earrings and the hoodie.

Point of today's post: I was pursuing the latest editorials and playing virtual dress up when I decided I wanted to compile my own looks for Salander. They're a lot less gritty than the character and obviously leather is a prominent feature, but these are some of the ways I picture Lisbeth... from hair, styling and attitude I feel like these photos capture a tiny essence of the worlds most polarizing heroine...

My favourite has to be the Givenchy (fifth down). I'm stuck in the jet lag limbo right now so I guess it's off to do some research for my last two essays, but in reality I'll probably end up sprawled over the couch downstairs watching early morning T.V. Huurraahhh for sleeplessness right?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Need a new dress up opportunity

Those closest to me will tell you that I have an obsession with planning Halloween outfits in advance. It goes something like this: Random day "I'm gonna be a Q-tip for Halloween." Random day + 1 "I think I'm gonna be a corpse bride for Halloween." Random day + 2 "I'm really feeling being a [insert nondescript idea here]." And so on until someone threatens to beat me up... and then I whisper it to myself in the dark.

So I love costumes, big deal! But, check out the wife of a Rovio executive at a Finish State Gala...
Yes she is wearing the most famous character in mobile gaming...
Angry Birds... mind-shattered

I guess it makes sense, Rovio is the company behind the smash hit game, but seriously wearing that in front of royalty... think I need to send this woman flowers. Amazing. I wanted to be an angry bird for Halloween by the way.

- Life is good

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Mmmmmm Bacon

Sitting in Toronto before a doctor's appointment and my flight later tonight and I'm starving! I'm supposed to be fasting in preparation for my bloodwork, but it's bloody hard to do when you find the LCBO's  Christmas edition of Food & Drink magazine... Seriously I had to have a chat with my salivary glands. And then I came up with a brilliant way to satisfy my hunger cravings, or at least make them disappear...


Oh friends, you thought I meant this didn't you?
Yes, how better to torture myself further than look at the crispy, succulent goodness of everyone's favourite breakfast staple. By the way, vegetarians I implore you to stop reading...

No, I'm talking about this Bacon

Francis Bacon. Artist extraordinaire 1909 - 1992

Painter of wonderfully abstract and expressive imagery. He's probably best known for this horrifically wounding triptych Three Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 1944. 

Now don't get me wrong, he's a fantastic artist, a revolutionary, but when you're craving food looking at Figure with Meat, 1954 makes my stomach turn a little, and voila! I'm not hungry
This painting has roots in paintings by Baroque masters Velasquez and Rembrandt... don't believe me?

 Portrait of Pope Innocent X, 1650, Diego Velsaquez

Carcass of Beef, 1657, Rembrandt.

Pope + carcass = Bacon. I'm destined to be a mathematician. After my blather on about still lifes I started to think of Pieter Aertsen's painting A Meat Stall, 1551.  That cow is begging me not to eat him and I really have no desire to.

On that note, I should head off to get this show on the road. I'll be blogging to you from England next, oh how exciting!

- Life is good

[BaconBacon Portrait, All paintings are from Wikipedia]

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