Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tattoos aren't passé anymore

So David Fincher's adaptation of the worldwide smash hit and now cult novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is coming to theatres on December 21st. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see it, but I'm very apprehensive about how it is going to compare with the novel and the spectacular Swedish version that came out in 2009. The story of Lisbeth Salanader, miracle hacker and serial badass, is a dark one. One that Hollywood could either possibly enrich or grossly mistreat... 

Rooney Mara, a relative unknown, beat out some truly big-time names to snag the coveted role of Lisbeth (a role originated by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace) and she's undergone a serious, almost unrecognizable transformation in preparation.

 Rooney Mara before, pretty fresh faced and respectable...

Mara as Lisbeth Salander... alittle different eh?

 Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish films

Obviously with this role comes a mountain of press; when the book of the new millennium is turned into a film, it becomes a pretty big deal. And you know you've made it big when you're wearing all black, have bleached eyebrows and a multitude of piercings and these guys come knocking down your door for an interview and a cover no less...

And as if that's not enough, H&M is launching their very own line of clothes based on the film, coming to stores on December 14th. I pulled a few of my favourite looks here for you... really into the earrings and the hoodie.

Point of today's post: I was pursuing the latest editorials and playing virtual dress up when I decided I wanted to compile my own looks for Salander. They're a lot less gritty than the character and obviously leather is a prominent feature, but these are some of the ways I picture Lisbeth... from hair, styling and attitude I feel like these photos capture a tiny essence of the worlds most polarizing heroine...

My favourite has to be the Givenchy (fifth down). I'm stuck in the jet lag limbo right now so I guess it's off to do some research for my last two essays, but in reality I'll probably end up sprawled over the couch downstairs watching early morning T.V. Huurraahhh for sleeplessness right?

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