Thursday, January 27, 2011

I dream of seed beads

Newest round of jewelry from my itty bitty workshop:
Beads beads, everywhere beads. I just noticed my Tweety Bird blanket poking out from under the table... need to be comfy

Long necklace made for wrapping, with pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech and burnished glass beads.

Chunky multi strand pearl choker with Tiger's Eye pendant... I'm alittle obsessed with pearls.

Another super long pearl and assorted green strand necklace. Shown double wrapped because it was so long.

Attempting to 'do' tribal... turquoise, rough pearls and patterned Ghanaian beads. I love my collection of beads from different countries, makes it hard to part with them sometimes.

Argh, bleeding fingers. Garnet hearts and baby pearls in an irregular double strand, loopy shape. That is all...

Fun story, this pendant is made of a whole bunch of turquoise 'chips' that where cut off when fashioning the turquoise stones into certain shapes or cuts. These chips were then pressed together to create a mega turquoise chunk, which I then mixed with bone and metal beads. 

Ah Venice how I miss you. These awesome text beads were a gift from my parent's from an incredibly funky bead store in Venice called Perle e Dintorni (apologies the site is in Italian, but it's brilliant). An example of something with form and function? 

My favorite necklaces to make: I call them kaleidoscopes. I get to dig through my bags (yes I have an actual plastic shopping bag stuffed with ever shape, color and size of bead imaginable) and boxes to find beads that I can create a rainbow out of. The fun is identifying where the beads come from and their background... some have travelled a long way to be here.

My red kaleidoscope in it's latest incarnation.

A perfect example of the nationalities of my necklaces: Here we have Ethiopian, British, Canadian, Egyptian and Saudi beads. My take on multicultural

Gotta get back to Modern Art, take care world,

- Life is good

Observations: How to write an effective exhibition review and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGSY
Listening to: If I weren't in class ~ 'If There Is Something' - Roxy Music (again)
Craving: A nap 


  1. I love the Kaleidoscopes :)
    You are an artist my dear!
    (and thanks :P)

  2. omg i love the bright necklace sooo prettyyyyyyy!
    love victoria freeennaaa