Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vin and I are on first name basis now

So all the fashion weeks are over, time to dissect some collections and I'm starting in New York with Rodarte.

While it wasn't the Mulleavy sisters' best collection - the prom style dresses gave the collection a slightly matron-like feel - the inspiration and prints were on tip top form. Timing is everything, so last month when I posted about Van Gogh's brushwork how was I to know that just over a week later the pair was going to set forth a collection that united art and fashion in a spectacular marriage?

Let's be serious Van Gogh is one of the most celebrated artists of the past two centuries and it seems about time that someone paid him due homage; especially after the rejection he faced during his life the least we can do is honour him in death. The girls said that their inspiration came from:
'...Watching the Disney film Sleeping Beauty because I had been fascinated by the animation and the color they used and we both were thinking there was a weird correlation between that and Van Gogh's color palette.'
Huh...? But I guess I can see it

By now I hope it will be alittle more obvious which Van Gogh paintings are in question, they are two of his most famous.

Vase with 12 sunflowers, 1888 (the third version in the Sunflowers series) 
Starry Night, 1889

While the first nine dresses are more obvious in their subject matter, the gold and seafoam sunflower dresses and the abstract, brushstroke starry night dresses however, the magic lies in last two dresses with their more lyrical take on Starry Night, the swirling sequin detailing and gauze move in a way that imitates the night sky. Here are some details of the workmanship and prints exhibiting the girls' sharp eyes for texture, pattern and color. 

These two oil paintings are part of his Paris Sunflower series - I love Van Gogh and took the opportunity to chronicle these lesser known sunflower paintings because of their beautiful colors, brushstrokes and compositions. 

I guess I should take a moment to address the make up... dark dark dark eyes - maybe something to contrast the light feminine clothes, but I think they look like gleaming sunflower seeds. Probably the art historian reading too much into things. Anywhhhoooooooooooo!

On to the next one...

- Life is good

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Observations: I hate snuffles
Craving: An American passport so I can play on the Amazing Race... how bout it Dad?

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