Friday, April 13, 2012

Tempting Temptation

Alright so its exam time and though I'm being reprimanded for posting one cannot help being tempted by the forbidden so I came on here to post something rather relevant that I found while cleaning out my magazine drawer...

- You're Nothing but a Pack of Cards, 2011,  Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

All will be explained... have you ever heard the story of the temptation of Saint Anthony?

Anthony is famous for being one of the first hermit saints who 'fled' (in the noblest sense) to the desert in order to be completely cut off from civilization in order to better himself and become closer to God. Well the devil, that pesky fellow, was none too pleased and sent an array of supernatural temptations, some in the form of demons, to tempt and haunt Anthony away from the path of God. We all know how this ends though, Anthony stays true to God and the nightmarish apparitions disappeared.

The story of St. Anthony is probably not most people's first though upon seeing Wolfe von Lenkiewicz's You're Nothing but a Pack of Cards (above). Art history student that I am I saw this 2011 painting and dug into my brain slides where I retrieved two works that precede the above in subject matter: Martin Schongauer's beautiful engraving, Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons (1470-75) and Michelangelo's oil painting, that was obviously copied after the aforementioned print, The Torment of Saint Anthony (1487-88).

And so the tradition of reproductive images endures in the history of art... context is for another day

All I really wanted to insinuate from this post is that though we are tempted by the trivial things and can be led away from those arduous tasks we must complete, in the end you will prevail. Happy studying or whatever it is you're doing.

- Life is good

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