Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This beat, t'is sick

Music is the rhythm of my life. Period. 

I've probably made it clear I am a huge Lady Gaga fan and I realize the perils that come with admitting this. She's not exactly conventional or easy to stomach and she's the first to admit she's not here to conform. She's here to make music and 'change the world one sequin at a time'. I don't have enough time or space to argue for her because, I'd never be able to change opinions about her. All I can say is she does what she does and she does it well.

So the interest in Gaga this week was because her newest single 'Born This Way' dropped last Friday and then on Sunday she performed it for the first time live.

Album art for the single which I am in love with. 

She actually looks hauntingly pretty, whereas usually she just looks fiercely inhuman. The funny thing about this over is that her facial horns are reminiscent of my dear friend Alexander McQueen's last runway show: Spring 2010 Plato's Atlantis

Similar looking 'horns' (I can't find a more elegant word for them) as seen in the McQueen show. The models were meant to look like emerging sea creatures.

Also interesting is that the single was released on the first anniversary of Lee's death and the two facts combined lead me to believe that she cleverly did this on purpose as a tribute to the designer she collaborated with so often and felt such a bond with. So there is method behind the madness, she's not just spectacle.

Just wanted to throw in the album art for the actual record Born This Way which is scheduled for release on May 23rd. 

After you get over the initial shock of seeing her butt and you look to the Springsteen cover you'll see a vague similarity... A) Born This Way and Born in the USA, you feeling me? B) Jeans and jean jacket... a bit of a stretch and C) the bandana she's waving behind her and the cap tucked into his back pocket... I was pleasantly surprised, it's a stretch but I can see it.

So the Grammy performance... I'll admit after I saw what she arrived in I was super excited for something that was gonna blow our minds

So she arrived in an egg, now I'm gonna get in trouble for defending her but this whole shebang was orchestrated in collaboration with the designers Hussein Chayalan and her stylish Nicola Formichetti who is also the new designer for Thierry Mugler. Now the egg was designed by Chayalan and has been called a vessel. The whole thought behind this spectacle was that she was incubating and was going to be born on stage, so yeah I should say egg, but I'm going to say vessel.
The performance itself... I'm disappointed to say it was not the usual Gaga spectacle we have come to expect... where was the fire coming from her boobs, the blood, the set, hell... why wasn't Elton John there this time? It was pretty stripped down, Gaga emerged from her little eggy and joined a group of dancers in nude bodyform and basically just sang and danced... with an impromptu piano serenade in the middle. But yep, that was the extent of it. She was good, but not crazy and I mean if you're going to come in an egg it's go big or go home.

I did want to point out her lovely little egg outfit and hat set me back to another Alexander McQueen throwback. McQueen's mentor was the fabulous Isabella Blow who was famous for her eccentric fashion and her hats and this one below reminds me of an egg yolk, again, is Gaga just that clever?
They also look eerily alike too.

She's also covergirl for the March issue of Vogue and it's about time. It seems alittle strange since the cult of Gaga has died down slightly since her Fame Monster release, but it is appropriate since the new album drops in May... possible hype, I think so.  

I've read the article and it's very revealing which is great as I've never been able to get a clear perspective on her. I like the person I read about even more than I love the cover as she's not shielded behind massive amounts of make-up, hair or accessories and she actually looks vulnerable...

Seen in three McQueen looks from the recent Spring 2011 show... again reinforcing her commitment to the label

It's alot of Gaga to handle so you're off the hook for a while, or until her next shenanigans. Wishing you all a pleasant midterm season. 1 more and I'm off scott free!

- Life is good

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