Monday, July 4, 2011

Storyboard V

My eyes the biggest organ in my body. FACT. That's why I do these bloody 'storyboards' or I guess you could call them moodboards cause I see so much fun stuff out there that I can't help but love. Come fly with me. 
It's no secret that I think Gaga is really cool and what GQ is funny cause I've been biding my time creating a Gaga dress up themed post. Anyway, these are hysterical and alittle tongue in cheek, I especially like the Transformers Gaga. 
These Kirkwood beauties have been my computer background for quite some time now and  I figured that it was time to immortalize them here so that I could move on to something else. They're works of art.
Speaking of works of art, look at this gown made out of weeds and flowers. I've had clothes made out of food and now flowers... what next? Ah I've already got it planned.
Kate Moss is a fashion goddess and will be loved by Testino forever as evidenced by this spread from the Brazilian Vogue May issue featuring a 30 page feature on Moss. The Gucci outfit is radiant in this and the more reason to love this shot.
Fall 2011 advertising campaigns are coming out and I particularly enjoy this Louis Vuitton heritage shoot with Jolie. Though I'm not a big fan of the Goodwill ambassador I do think she looks fantastic here and it's the subtlety of the shot that makes you comb ever inch to spot the brand.
Oh HBC. As is I couldn't get enough of her wackiness during the Awards show circuit this year, Marc Jacobs has featured her in his Fall 2011 campaign. Ever the clown Jacobs has had some interesting stars as his models: 13 year old Dakota Fanning, V Beckham popping out of a shopping bag... and now the queen of quick herself. Fab.
Art and science. This image was captured by an X-ray and could be taken in as one of those 'Is this art?' debates. I think it's absolutely beautiful and I would hang it in my imaginary museum.
The Chilean volcano several weeks was a pretty spectacular natural disaster in both the destruction it left behind and the extraordinarily beautiful scenes captured on film. This is so atmospheric and larger than life, it is one of those moments when the world seems to exotic and amazing. You can't help but admire it.
Weeee, that's the world as I see it.

- Life is good

Listening to: 'Jolene' - Dolly Parton
Observations: What sport shall I watch now that Wimbledon is over?
Craving: Compeed

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