Thursday, September 29, 2011

Storyboard VI

This storyboard has been in the making for at least over a month so some of these photos are alittle bit older... But they're still awesome so who gives a what?
One of my favorite childhood snacks is now an art medium: Oreo cameos... that's pretty unreal. Think about how tiny they are and the level of detail executed in this Romanesque cameo. You wouldn't want to eat it, or would ya? 

One of the outfits from Zara's Fall Lookbook that I fell absolutely in love with. On one of my last days in London, I went around the city with my mom and made her sift through all the racks to find this coat. 3 Zara stores later... I found it (although not in rust) BUT the downside is: A) I'm not a giraffe aka tall and slim like this model so the coat dwarfed me slightly and B) It doesn't button or close... not very practical for Canadian winters. But it was so pretty. No fair, stupid genetics

One of the classes I'm in is a brilliant adventure into Dutch Baroque art... and here we see Freja (who has been surprisingly absent from these past weeks of fashion shows) in a wonderful Givenchy number and bonnet that does transport me back to the 18th century and a Vermeer painting or two.
Street photgs are taking over the fashion world. Here we have a fun 'twist' on Scott Schuman, the man behind the Sartorialist, in the form of a new website by an admirer: the Sartorialtwist. So fab! Basically the creator of this website takes Scott's images of fashionable people and juxtaposes them with others, to create new and sometimes more interesting outfits. 
Givenchy is taking over the magazines (ok, these are old spreads) as we see here in another feature where Raquel Zimmerman sports a dress by the same collection by Tisci. I'm really into Givenchy lately.
I've been looking for this image of Raquel ever since I watched the September Issue... This photo shoot was one of Grace Coddington's most exquisite visions. This is real Couture shit, guys. 
Having a bit of a Raquel moment today, but this season is one of the first times McQueen has had a magazine campaign if I'm correct. It was amazing to open up the September Issue and have this staring back at me. By the way... McQueen show this week. VERY EXCITED!
Recently the founder of Cirque de Soleil, Guy Laliberte, took a casual trip to space. Yeah, no big deal I'm sure and he took some pretty astounding photographs. This is my favourite shot - it's the coast of the Caspian Sea. Made me want to watch The Day After Tomorrow, which I did.
And lastly, Miss Anja Rubik pulling out all the stops while modelling for Balmain this season. I'll take one of everything please.
And now.... I have to run to class and I'm late. Procrastination at its best.

- Life is good

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Observations: Do I really have to go to weights today? Meh
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