Thursday, September 1, 2011

The many faces

Remember remember the start of September
Street-watching, champagne and yachts 
I see no reason why fashion's fave season
Should ever be forgot...

Happy first of September... it should be a universal holiday; however it is a wake up call, a loud obnoxious reminder that summer is over and reality beckons. But, wait... what is this?! A whole month of spectacularly overweight fashion magazines, runway shows, obscure influences, designers and eccentrically dressed women who make you despise yourself for actually having thighs when they can parade around in the Celine's Pre-Fall trousers. Gah! Can you tell I'm excited?

So in honor of the first of fashion's favorite month I give you the many faces of Vogue:
The faces of Vogue Portugal, Mexico and Paris
It seems as though Vogue Mexico has several covers (left and middle) and then gracing them is Vogue Italia with an impossible looking Stella Tennant and her lack of a waist.
Here we have Japanese, Korean and Turkish Vogues
A real triple threat Teen, Australian and British Vogue
Russia's response along with Spanish and American Vogue featuring the newly wed Kate Moss in a wonderful McQueen gown.
Rounding us out is one of my favorite models Iris Strubegger for German Vogue and a plethora of gorgeous Asian models in Gucci for Chinese Vogue. The third from the right is wearing the same top as Natalia for the Turkish cover. 
All covers from Fashionologie.

Fantastische! I'm waiting to fly back to Canada so I can buy my copy of American Vogue and bask in its 2 kilo glory. For now though, I'll just browse the walls of Farrants and WHSmith.

- Life is good and style is great

Listening to: My childhood aka The Land Before Time #winkyface
Observations: Some shopping tomorrow, someone's gotta spend her tips!
Craving: Chocolate 

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