Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi ho Hi ho

This is when I love the UK the most:
10 am: PISSING with rain and roads flooded
11:30 am: Rain stops, clouds disperse
12:30 pm: Sun so blinding it makes it hard to carry trays to tables
3:00 pm: Clouds rolling through, haha Shahira I only shine when you're working

Oh well haha. So between shifts I decided that I was going to play in my closet and put together a look for if I wasn't working. So think art history student prowling Southbank and the Tate, reading very bohemian books in Hyde park and then going to MacDonalds for a milkshake 'cause she's done being sophisticated, the sun's gone and her feet hurt. (Loser haha)

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: TopShop
Jean Shirt: Wrangler
Shoes: From somewhere deep in the heart of Florence
I'm the first to admit I'm not the most stylish, especially when it comes to those who prowl the streets of London but I'm attempting to dress myself alittle better as I really would LOVE to try styling one day... who knows. So, have a good day all. I've gotta get back into my white button down, black trousers and smart shoes and glue that perma-grin back on for shift two!

- Life is always good

Listening to: 'Ocean' - John Butler Trio
Observations: Bumble Bees crowding the lavender
Craving: It to get warmer

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