Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Storyboard VII

Sometimes I see things that make me say 'woah'.

A graphic design student attending university in Bournemouth has gained a huge following for his amazing interpretations of Disney 'princesses' in real life. I think he's done a fantastic job at recreating their likenesses and he most recently did Tiana from The Princess and the Frog which is one of my favorites. Being the huge Disney nerd that I am I thought this was so amazing and inspirational, I love creative people.

This editorial from Harper's Bazaar Turkey took my breath away when I first saw it. Having been obsessed with the classical antiquity of Greece and Rome since I was small and more recently nurturing a growing obsession with fashion I found that the two collide on glorious harmony in this image. Tereza looks like the marble sculpture's living, breathing twin. The light, pose, asymmetry, earthiness... etc all work so well. Sure it's posed, but it feels natural enough so in my opinion it works.

I would have loved to be attendance at this photoshoot. I'm pretty sure that for the first time in history all the VOGUE editors came together while celebrating Japan's first Fashion's Night Out a couple months ago. Imagine all these powerful women together in one room... imagine the divas, the egos, the bitching! Again, I would have paid good money to see this.

I'm really interested in Dante's Inferno (which I've been slaving over for a paper), ever since I was a young[er] I thought it was such a neat idea, you know, travelling through hell seeing classical heros and historical icons in the many levels. Anyway, more recently I've become obsessed with Lucifer who fell from God's favour and heaven as seen in this engraving by  is Gustav Doré from John Milton's Paradise Lost, a copy of which I have asked for Christmas.

Reebok and Crossfit recently partnered together to set a Guinness World Record for the largest 3D painting ever... wish I'd been strolling Canary Wharf that day. Amazing. Never bash the visual arts.

Ok so it's a wedding dress, but dye it black and chuck it on Jessica Chastain for the Oscars cause girl's gonna need a  wicked dress when she accepts her Oscar for Best Actress of Supporting Actress... Plus it's so pretty.

I realized I haven't bragged about going to the Olympic Opening Ceremony on my 21st birthday next year... so yeah, I am going to the Olympic Opening Ceremony next year on my 21st birthday. Ok, I'm done. As to be expected I am very excited so when any mention of the Olympics comes up anywhere my neck snaps in that direction with lightning quick speed. Recently the official Olympic posters were revealed and they are by some very famous contemporary British artists: imagine my surprise to see names like Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin and Bridget Riley, these are big deal YBAs. Again, do not bash the visual arts. This is my favorite by Sarah Morris with an abstract take on Big Ben. 

 I've already celebrated my love for Van Gogh, but I thought that you should see another of his self portraits before moving on to my last 'woah' image of the day...

Creative people should be celebrated often and I could not love and appreciate this image by James Birkbeck any more than is humanly possible. No photoshop, no editing, just paint and the will to be creative. Check out his flickr photostream and other photos. This image encompasses Van Gogh perfectly and is one of many reasons why I study what I do. Gah #artfuckingrocksmyworld

-Life is good

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