Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Memories in technicolour

I'm in the mood for summer - for the sight of grass, the lack of grey, a tan, shorts, running outdoors, sandals... you get my drift. However, winter is not ready to cede it's grip on Kingston and so ice still causes slippage, salt still clings to your boots and the wind still sucks the moisture from your body. 

Here's to hoping that the Magdalena and her pastel ensembles from the February issue of Vogue Japan can inspire warmer weather to get here faster. Wearing an array of feminine skirts and dresses from the Spring collections she makes all of us who didn't go on some sort of spring break wish we did. There's something about this spread that recalls fond, yet vague, memories of my childhood and I've decided that this has to be because of the colours: the pastels give it a dreamlike quality, like a memory you fish for in the back of your brain and is slightly hazy and incomplete. Interspersed alongside this editorial are images that I feel encapsulate it's pastelly, beachy, summertime mood.

I remember thinking those candy necklaces and SweeTarts were God's gift to children across the globe. I survived many a summer pretty much solely on them & then there's Paul Signac and his pointillist, pastel Venetian landscape.

I totally can see Magdalena in one of those 'fashion shots' eating a dripping ice cream cone, but it doesn't get any better than Mulberry's Spring campaign.

Maybe I was an overly creative kid, but the pastels in the spread remind me of marbling paper and sidewalk chalk. Remember those buckets just brimming with thousands of different colours... at least it seemed like thousands when you were little. I'm pretty sure my family kept Crayola in business.

Rothko isn't known for his pastels, but the colours of this painting were very reminiscent of the Rodarte sweater and skirt combination above, albeit a tad more richly saturated.

Sunset and Monet: the perfect inspiration for a spring fashion spread.

The balloons in UP! and another memory of a distant trip to the Netherlands to visit the famed tulip fields

Time to face the reality that spring/shorts weather is still over a month away and in order to get there I'll have to face the horrors that the month of March is going to bring. As I sit in the Art Collection in Stauffer I realize that this is going to be home for a while.

- Life is good

Listening to: "Dreaming in Red" - the Calling
Observations: The flesh from my face is falling off
Craving: My first roll up the rim win

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