Friday, March 9, 2012

Storyboard X

I'm lazy these days (as opposed to usually, right?) so I'ma do a storyboard and lookee here, this is my TENTH, wow what an achievement.

One of my courses this semester is on German Architecture from 1800 - 1945 and it happens to be one of the greatest classes of all time. I like that it is not solely style based and in addition we look at cultural movements in the evolution of the German state and their influence on style... savey? Here we have the front door of architect Peter Behrens' house in the Jungendstil style which is characterized by dynamic, fluid lines similar to the curves seen in nature. Though Behrens adhered to this movement, he was one of the pioneers of the German modernist movement which moved away from abstraction and turned more sober and utilitarian.

Karlie Kloss at Kenzo showcasing some of their beautiful resin fruit earrings. The oranges almost look candied and ready to eat... yum

I love a good advertisement and this Mercedes commercial is both brilliant and intriguing because of the mix of science and art. If I had the money, sure I'd buy one.

Here's a shot from a Fashion Gone Rogue  editorial. I love this image because of the elegance of the model and the contrast between her dark shroud and the white stone of the building. Also I'll nerd out with some architectural jargon, but she reminds me of one of the Caryatid's from the Acropolis, female figures used instead of columns (below). She's the literal embodiment of a Corinthian column, the most feminine and decorative versus the stark, masculinity of the Doric column that she stands next to.

I discovered a new blog called The Cool Hunter and it really is... cool. This post dealt with amazing locales around the world that they recommend you should visit. Here we have Aiguill e du Midi in Chamonix; a mountain in France with one of the highest cable cars in Europe that leads to a panoramic viewing platform carved into the mountain. I'm really in the mood to explore.

Over three weeks ago Marc Jacobs showed his Fall 2012 collection where he employed sculptor Rachel Feinstein to create the set which was one of the best of the season. It looked like an abstract Dr. Seuss village from Oh the Places You'll Go, one of my favourite childhood books.

Photographer Roe Ethridge's still life reminds me of the tradition of still lifes I studied in my Dutch Baroque painting class last semester. Beautiful and deadly at the same time his version shows the fruit in one of the last states of decay whereas painters of the Baroque usually subtly alluded to the slow decay in the attempt to communicate a message about the brevity of life and vanitas. Below for you to compare is Caravaggio's Still Life with Fruit on a Ledge - upon first inspection it is just a basket of fruit, but all the food is just on the cusp of becoming inedible and rotting. There are worm holes in the apples, the leaves are drooping and the grapes are becoming discoloured.

And finally introduced me to this hilarious blog Darcel Disappoints by author/illustrator Craig Redman. In preparation for a 15 year anniversary party/show in Paris at the famous Colette boutique, Redman made a celebratory video called 150/15 which shows some of Colette's famous fans: fashion insiders, musicians, actors etc. It's really really cute and I'm a big fan of the achingly funny blog with it's sarcastic humour.

It's sunny outside! Have a great day all.

- Life is good

Listening to: "The Half Killed" - Dario Marianelli (from Atonement, it's beautiful)
Observations: I need to fix my McQueen calendar... and clean my room... and redeem my donut win from Timmies
Craving: To be able to do a better squat

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