Thursday, March 29, 2012

Storyboard XI

These are the times when I have the most work yet these are also the times when I plod through the internet with an uncontrollable fervour looking for distracting photos... Oh well Jan van Eyck and I are on a break:

The crystalline Chanel set for the Fall 2012 collection. I don't know how Karl manages to keep coming up with ways to completely transform the Grand Palais, but each season they get more and more exceptional. However, nothing can top the time he imported a chunk of an iceberg for a Couture show.

Divine art? This image was snapped in Bankok when the sun shone through the clouds creating a hauntingly beautiful angelic figure in the sky.

Credit goes to my friend Meaghan for this... Artist Sean Avery takes our old CDs (when was the last time you bought a CD?) , shatters them and uses the splintered shards and turns them into mind blowing sculptures. Hands down my favourite, this one is a dragon made of old circuit boards and disks.

Just an image I pulled from a rather outlandish editorial. Her piercing eyes and red makeup are beautifully contrasted by the washed out colours of the rest of the shot. Wouldn't mind that cage ring

Sum sum summa... if I didn't have two completely different sized feet I would be out rocking these ALDO sandals with a vengeance.

This is not just a beautiful photograph but actually a sculpture created by American artist Andres Amador in the sand. He carves gigantic patterns into the sand (some 300 x 500 ft) in a matter of hours all to be seen fleetingly and then washed away. It's the perfect example of ephemeral art and in a way reminds me of Robert Smithson's Sprial Jetty (below).

The final model from the Threeasfour Fall 2012 collection. She looks like some sort of poison ivy plant and an amphibious gladiator. 

No it's not a roller coaster, but actually an interactive staircase/ sculpture by German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. This came from a whole article on staircases... which was surprisingly interesting and I can now say that I will forever appreciate staircase design.

When I get bored of my collection of Crayola pencils I may just turn them into a fascinator of sorts. I could be the next Philip Treacy. I'd hang this shot in my 'salon' if I had one mostly because I'm obsessed with Jil Sander right now and I love to colour. Art and Fashion, awesome.

I'm always in awe of our planet, especially after watching documentaries like Planet Earth or Life. This photo was taken from space and shows a lava crater in Mauritania. Makes me want to go travelling (again)...

Street artist Mark Jenkins turns the "street into a stage" with his wonderful sculptures made of ... packing tape. And apparently he's taking a break from making these brilliant sculptures and is off to judge a tape art contest, who knew those existed?

- Life is good

Listening to: 'Wonderwall' - Milo & Otis Remix
Observations: Jealousy is kicking in thinking about my family packing for their adventure in China
Craving: Wishing I could go with them

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