Tuesday, March 8, 2011

McQueen Routine

I've been sitting by the computer almost all day, biding my time until this afternoon's Alexander McQueen show. I think every McQueen fashion show is going to play out the same way for me... 

  • Wake up super excited and then realize I have to wait most of the day to see the show
  • Go to class wearing my scarf
  • Come home, mope around and cook while I wait until it's suitably close to the show time
  • Start to creep the internet an hour in advance looking for potential fodder for my imagination
  • Get frustrated that the show isn't starting on time and look at all the lucky tweeters who are there
  • Get my first glimpse of the show and start freaking out
  • See the entire show on Style.com and then proceed to hurl every expletive and known praise in my repertoire as I glory in the genius that was Lee and is Sarah Burton, because they never do wrong.  
  • Then force every single one of my housemates to endure my summary of the show and then make them go through every look
  • Go to bed later and wish that I make it there before I die
  • Dream of frolicking with Lee
  • Wake up the next day and make sure I got a good look at every look and feel sad that I have to wait 6 months for the next show
Anyway, I'm halfway through that list. The show just started. Today it is being Shown at La Concieregie, Mary Antoinette's prison and is supposed to be about 'The Ice Queen' and her court... I'm anticipating some very medieval looks.

Anyway, Im'ma shut up and show you what I've found so far. I'll be back later with more, so enjoy!
Inside the venue... woah!
Freja Beha Erichsen modeling the first look... WOAH x 2

Well, the show's over haha, from the time I started to now. That was quick. Now to play and bide my time til Style.com gets their shit together and uploads it all.

- Life is good

Listening to: 'The Shake' - My American Heart
Observations: Fashion show's are FASSTTT
Craving: The show photos and an invite

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