Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life Guru

Hello sun! It's been a while and you look very well if I do say so myself. Me on the other hand, I could use your golden rays ALOT, I hate being pale. 

Today, needing a slight pick me up my Sammy introduced me to this amazing guy on the internet who works daily miracles on a website called 1000 Awesome Things. The Toronto Star calls him 'a guru of small joys' and I couldn't put it any more perfectly. Basically Neil Pasricha started counting down awesome things from 1,000 in June 2008 and here we are... almost April 2011 with under 280 to go. Now, you're probably wondering what constitutes an awesome thing? Well they're anything from #973 Sleeping in new bed sheets to #451 Somehow waking up at the right time even though you forgot to set your alarm clock #311 Finding out what song is in that commercial. Some are so simple like #330 Clean baby smell and some are so meaningful like #566 Unforgettable friends, however they're all exceptionally true. You forget that these small things are actually so relevant and it's the greatest feeling reading them and going 'I TOTALLY get that'.

Well the the awesome thing for March 25th was #280 When little kids get really, really excited. SO TRUE! I love when they get so excited they start to not make sense and ramble on and you nod and act super interested even though you don't need to act cause you totally are engaged in this little person's thoughts. Pasricha talks about how his girlfriend is a primary school teacher and how one day she asked what her students wanted to be when they got older. Well one little girl got super excited, and started waving her arms around and when the girlfriend, Leslie, called on her she proudly announced 'I want to be a farm!' This absolutely slayed me and almost instantly cheered me up. Without even knowing it, this little girl has given me a new mantra... 'I want to be a farm, I want to be a farm.' Don't ask me what it's supposed to mean, I just think it's awesome. And though completely irrelevant to my usual ramblings I wanted to share it with you. 

- Life is better now

Listening to: 'New new new' - Bob Sinclar (Avicii remix)
Observations: Starbucks, actually a great place to get work done
Craving: My Raphael midterm back please!!!

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