Friday, April 1, 2011

Ruffles used to be the enemy, now I'm not so sure

Mwuahahahaha, I'm kind of obsessed with the film Megamind and couldn't help but throw in this film still. I wish I was this cute. I want to be him for Halloween. 

SO! I love when what I'm thinking about is relevant. Check out the May cover of British Harper's Bazaar... Kate Moss covers the Fashion Royalty issue in none other than Alexander McQueen's designs. 
Putting his designs on the cover is kind of a given and it is actually very appropriate considering the hype over the fact that Sarah Burton is a major contender to design the royal wedding gown for Kate Middleton.
The fashion world experienced the mastery of craftsmanship with Sarah Burton's Fall 2011 collection for McQueen, choosing to round out the fabulous collection with a sequence of exceptional white gowns that many took as a declaration or hint of her contention to design the royal wedding dress. Regardless of whether Kate wears them or not, they are AWESOME. 1000 Awesome things, an idea for tomorrow?

So, why do I care about the Moss covers?

Well the dress she's wearing on the left is actually from McQueen's Fall 2006 'Widows of Culloden' show and it is relevant because... she was featured in this show, but as a hologram. Check it out:
This stunt came after her 2005 cocaine scandal and she had been dropped from numerous campaigns and was absent from the runways; however, McQueen remained loyal to his friend. Only weeks after the scandal during his walk after his Spring 2006 show he came out wearing a 'We love you Kate' shirt.
Which brings us back to the hologram, filmed by Bailie Walsh, which is of such magnetic beauty that I think it makes real life look dull. Sensual is the only word that really describes the imagery created by her slowly revolving ruffled figure. Ethereal, that's another adjective that could be deployed. I wish that I was that graceful, but alas no. 

Then last year in June, only 3 months after McQueen's death Cadbury released their newest campaign featuring an eerily similar looking short film
If it doesn't look familiar it should and you clearly did not watch the Moss video. This too was directed by Walsh and this time garnered an extreme reaction from fans who believed that Walsh and Cadbury were extorting McQueen's death in order to sell a product. 
I was pretty outraged at first, but if you look at it primarily from an artistic view, it is just as mesmerising as the first and actually injects some class into advertising campaigns that are usually geared to be shock and awe. 

I've come across some works of art recently that had me thinking about this Cadbury commercial and the exceptionally otherworldly model, Yulia Lobova.
Today in Roman history this image of an aristocratic woman was brought up and her grace and hairstyle kind of echoed what I saw in the ruffles of the dress.
 Bernini's exquisite sculpture of the 'The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa' has the same sort of rapture that Lubova has in the film stills.
 Botticelli is probably one of my favorite Renaissance artists and regrettably we don't cover many of his works, which is a shame as there is an entire cavernous room in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, but anyway. This woman is frequently used as the model for all his female characters in his paintings and can be seen in The Birth of Venus, Primavera and several others. Her poise, hair and complexion are all similar to those of Lubova... or am I insane?

Anyway, it is Friday and I should probably get back to taking notes in Classics. Hope everyone has a great April Fools and hopefully this means Spring gets its rear end to Canada quickly!

-Life is good

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