Sunday, April 3, 2011

Storyboard II

I'm in the midst of writing two papers, watching a documentary on the architect Louis Kahn, finishing making some chocolate puddings and trying to get feeling back into my feet after excessive heel wearing last night.
So I'm super busy/am procrastinating yet can't pull myself together to do a full post so I'm thinking of making this Storyboard post thing a regular thing. 

I never knew who Daphne Guinness was until she popped up in a interview about McQueen's Spring 2010 fashion show. That was way back when I couldn't tell my Fendi from my Chanel from my Lagerfeld. Since Miss Guinness is the heiress to the famous beer, Fashionologie did a fabulous post about her style history for St. Patty's. This shot was from her Zoo Magazine spread which was shot by famed musician and equally talented photographer Bryan Adams. Gotta admit, the man has an eye for unique composition

I will always love Renaissance history, there's something about it that captivates me and I emphasized with Renaissance over Modern art. The Renaissance hotel at St. Pancras just re-opened after an extensive reno and it looks as though they've managed to conjure up the zeitgeist perfectly. All you need now are a few corsets, a beheading or two and some religious schisms and you're golden.

This past month was Carine Roitfeld's last edition of French VOGUE and it is the end of an era. I think these shots from the Beauty spread are pretty fabulous and challenging to the eyes. It could be the basis of a really great horror film or it probably already is.

This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Miuccia Prada's spring show had some of the most vibrant colors and patterns I've seen in a while. The jazzy banana and cherub motifs aren't the easiest to wear but Topshop put forward these amazing leggings that are spot on and affordable in case you wanna blow people's minds at work, or school or lounge around in extreme luxury.

My family went to New Zealand when I was in highschool and it is  one of my absolute favorite places on the planet. This photo is NOT edited (I stole it from my Dad's camera before he had the chance to play with it). This beach was a little slice of heaven, I wish it was summer in Canada right now although it was almost shorts weather today. SCORE

I'm really really loving my modern architecture course (except for the fact that I have yet to start the 30% paper that is dominating my life). Last class we focused on the architecture of Louis Kahn who was an absolute genius and has been absent for the 20 years of my life, until now and I'm so glad we were introduced. This is a panoramic view of his monumental Salk Institute. I'll delve into it deeper one of these days, but for now I leave you to imagine basking in this courtyard in the Californian sun.

Once again I couldn't help throwing in a bit of McQueen. Here is Shalom Harlow being attacked by robotic 'arms' that seem to gun her down with spray paint and all the while she models the shit out of the white tube dress while spinning. Absolutely brilliant.

Spring's almost here and I really want to find some light trousers to make the transition well. Asos got me started with three distinct styles that I wish I could pull off: the wide leg (70s is very in), the cigarette/ straight leg trouser and mannish cropped slacks. I love the olive shirt and the presentation of the last look. So refreshing.

Finally, I am absolutely, positively, madly excited to see the upcoming Terrence Malick film Tree of Life. Please please please please PLEASE, if you do anything while on this blog post, WATCH THIS TRAILER! It is a piece of art and one of the most magical film moments I have seen to date... and it's only 2:13 long. I can't wait until the real thing. All I know about the plot is that it is about a young boy's upbringing in the 1950s and how his relationship with his mother and father shapes him. His mother teaches him to see the beauty in life and the world while his father strives to toughen him against the harshness of reality. It seems super confusing from the trailer but with the atmospheric music and the beautiful artistic scenes of nature and the talents of Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and the gorgeous Jessica Chastain how could you go wrong. Bear with me, I'm gonna go apeshit when I finally see it.

- Life is good 

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