Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lady Madonna

I love when a fashion editorial tells a story and Avantgarde Magazine did it beautifully when they took on the religious icon of the Virgin Mary. Model Sophie Vlaming is the Virgin in a series of "modern looks paired with the traditional iconography."

Fashion and art, my favourite combination. So as a challenge I tried to find works of art that told the story of the Virgin to supplement that of the editorial... what do you think?

Our Lady of Miracles or Saint Mary of the Rabida

Study of a woman's head, Leonardo Da Vinci, 1490

Carlo Crivelli, The Virgin Annunciate, 15th C

Madonna of the Long Neck, Parmagianino, 1535-40

The Blessed Virgin in Prayer, Sassoferrato, 17th C

Triumph of Religion, John Singer Sargent, installed 1916

The Madonna in Sorrow, Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato, 17th C

The Assumption of the Virgin, Peter Paul Reubens, 1612-17

I struggled to find images that fit well (#arthistorynerdproblems), but overall I think I did a passable job. Oh the Renaissance how I love you.

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