Monday, January 30, 2012

Storyboard IX

Time for another amalgamation of fun things I scavenged from the internet

I can always count on Reddit to send me something hilarious or thought provoking... this was just plain brilliant

I've had this in my folder since Christmas, it's an Australian billboard commissioned by the Church to provoke thought and awareness. Apparently the tagline for a similar billboard was 'Poor Joseph, God was a hard act to follow'... 

Just a sparkly necklace that I've been salivating over since Christmas... perfect for holiday parties, snow and champagne... only another 320 days to go I guess.

The Rodarte sisters have a bit of a love affair with Elle Fanning and here she is wearing one of their wonderful Van Gogh dresses from their Summer '12 collection. While many would deem this too unconventional, I like that she's taking a risk and it's rather sweet and age appropriate

I implore, beg, insist that you watch this video if it's the last thing I ever ask. Physicist/artist Theo Jansen builds these wonderful walking structures called Stranbeests that he creates as forms of 'artificial life'. Made of pipes, wood and sails they are highly advanced and use extraordinary technologies that make them walking works of art and innovative structures to behold as they roam the beaches.

I haven't chatted about McQueen for a while and I discovered these two brilliant scarves on net-a-porter over Christmas. They were quite outside my price range, but when the sales started I did manage to snag a wonderful God Save McQueen Union Jack scarf that I will be reunited with when I go home in February. I'm very excited!

Octavio Ocampo - The Friendship of Don Quixote
Here we have master of illusion, Octavio Ocampo whose work usually has many meanings. Here we see a portrait of his hero Don Quixote, yet the image is also a tapestry of 'allegorical imagery from the book'. Never mind being incredibly rich in meaning, it's exceptionally beautiful as well.

My love affair with Nicholas Kirkwood is still going strong, these beaded shoes from his Spring '12 collection are pretty amazing. Brings me back to my month in Venice 

Just some fabulously dressed people in Rick Owens at the menswear shows in Milan. 

For anyone who is following design maven, Mary Katrantzou's career you may want to perk up. A week ago her collaboration collection for Longchamp went on sale and the bags are divine; they're a kind of East-meets-West theme. If I had a million dollars...

Nocturne, 2009
And finally, I have a penchant for illusionistic things... and so it was no surprise that Diana Lowenstein came to my attention, but her works of art are simply mind-blowing. Her disappearances into a variety of patterned wallpapers is simply fantastic. It's people like this that make me feel like I'm not creative enough.

- Life is good

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