Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spot 'em if you can

My childhood was spent reading Roald Dahl, lapping up each word on every page and any second spent outside his world was one I felt I was wasting. Well, now the world's most famous and most controversial artists is giving you the chance to participate in an adventure that likens him to one of Dahl's most beloved characters, Willy Wonka, and has you vying for that exceptional golden ticket.
Hirst as Wonka

Ahead of his huge career retrospective at the Tate Modern this summer, Damien Hirst the man of the diamond skull and the formaldehyde shark, is attempting to recreate Charlie and the Chocolate factory and his version sends you on a wild adventure around the globe to visit the eleven Gagsosian Galleries, each showing a different Spot Painting exhibition. The incentive... the first person to do so will receive their own personalized Spot Painting, whatever that means. Who knew there were enough of these paintings to fill eleven different galleries.

Each and every Gagosian will exhibition Hirst into February and some even into March... surprisingly enough you can see that there is actually variation:

The invitation, would you take up the challenge?

Damien Hirst is the artist many love to hate, because of his opulence, his tendency to employ shock value in his works rather than skill or talent and he oftentimes he can just be bloody annoying. This invitation is a mad quest for the filthy rich. What Average Joe has the means to travel the world at speed to compete in a challenge with a minimal chance of success and if indeed they did succeed, what would they have to show for it? A Hirst painting... it's a wonderful personalized memento and it's by a famous artist, but really is it worth all the trouble? As a student of art history, I'm supposed to love this shit; it's fun, contemporary, interesting, but this is just a little bit ridiculous. Power to you if you have the funds and for the winner, I'm very happy for your wonderful personalized Hirst, but for me I'm just hoping to see one exhibition, just one. Happy hunting art fiends.

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