Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eye'm Tripping

I am now what is known as freshman on vacation... not a frosh. There is an immensely big difference. WOWZA. I'm tripping

In less than a week I'll be heading to this city ...
FOR A MONTH. And all I have to do is walk around and be regaled by stories of Venice's wonderful history and art and architecture and I'm graded on it. Sorry, I'm not bragging I'm just so effing stoked. Expect HUUUGE posts full of pictures (actually, seriously keep your fingers crossed that I can actually upload pics...)

For now while I rest in my extremely quiet dorm without my 2Bers I will serenade your eyes with some Op Art...

So Op Art = Optical Art... savey? It's art that tricks the eye into believing that there is movement in the predominantly black and white images. And the master of this artistic movement is Brit, Bridget Riley.
Arrest 1

Blaze 4


Cataract 3

Ok besides the fact that these works are in my favorite color combo (oh I'm sorry black is a shade haha), they actually do simulate movement. My eyes get sore after a while from staring at them. They remind me of this book my dad used to have in his office. It was an optical illusion book that you held close to your face, stared at a point on the unintelligible picture and as you pulled the picture away from your face this crazy 3D picture popped out. BOO

So, yes she's blabbering on about bs but I have a point.
Told ya (Smug grin). Meet Junya Watanabe whose menswear for women collection featured this strong black/white combo prominently. Blazers, brogues, black, turbans, optical patterns... how could you go wrong.

I definitely saw a correlation between Bridget Riley and some of the Spring '10 looks that came down the runway
Here's another Bridget Riley, probably her most famous, Movement for Squares...
And here are Josh Goot and Temperly London. Goot is channelling this crazy psychedelic black and white-eat-me-alive print and Temperly's model looks like something out of Alice and Wonderland... in a wonderful way.
This is another Goot creation... again using black and white transitioning panels to lend the model this time-warping feel. Very Treky. And on the right we have the lovely minimalism of Tommy Hilfiger with a simple bandeau that looks like an extreme close up of something Bridget Riley does.
This time Goot (left again) is playing with color and multiple patterns... spots, lines eat your heart out. Donatella plays with black, white and sheer in her Versace creation that she said has Alice in Wonderland vibes. I can see it.
And finally our last runway pair = Veronique Leroy and Givenchy with two equally awesome pairs of leggings/pants. Givenchy is just crazy. Slap those on with a leather jacket, sky high Louboutins, a pair of neon Ray Bans and even the toughest bikers will shy away.

I've been waiting to do this post for so long because I own something that is worthy of comparison... I think.
I bought these Topshop leggings years ago and used them this year as a Halloween costume (I was a mime tee hee). I wore 'em a couple times back home in the UK but I think Canadians would send me to the Penitentiary here in Kingston ha. But I feel as though you could make a pair of these by wrapping your legs in this B Riley piece. Pretty similar eh?


My wonderful friend Syl took these pictures for me and I owe her everything because this dress is hers too. But keeping in the optical art tradition she let me borrow it... American Apparel is life seriously
See more stripes and black and white. And bodycon is very in.

Anywhoooo, 'tis late and I have to finish packing *tear. Life is good. I'm feeling really sentimental right about now.

Listening to: Duffy - 'Mercy ft. the Game Remix'
Observations: Please not one more fire alarm for old times sake
Craving: Company

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