Monday, April 19, 2010

It starts with cutting out snowflakes

Sup! Archaeology exam tomorrow... no biggie right?
Moving on to today's agenda.
Yeeeeesss, it's a piece of paper. And why is it so important...
* Snip snip snip *
Voila.... a snowflake. I am just so talented. As kids we're taught to cut away and create these masterpieces. Fold, fold, cut, cut. Easy as pie.

So I'm rambling on about snowflakes and cutting out stuff because Cut Outs are the name of the game today. Looking through my shiny new inventory of Spring '10 designer's collections I found alot of cool shapes that had been cut out from the fabric and a trend appeared.

LBD no more, its LBSD - Little black slashed dresses. From top left Cushnie et Ochs, Julien MacDonald, Versus and Temperly London...

Ms. Coco Chanel pioneered it, Hepburn nailed it and now we've in the '10s have gobbled it up. Make sure the hems are short, there's alot of skin bared because the slashes are in... for today
Snip snipety snip snip away. I told you. Lots of skin and legs bared. Both Phi and Unique balance cuts of their leggings with oversized jackets and lots of black black black black black black...
The opposite to black on our color spectrum... blinding beautiful white. (Lots of white this spring, but more on that later). Cynthia Rowley and Maz Azria both embrace unintentional looking snipets that aren't anything over the top but are still cool... like the color they're in.
Back to black. YAY. Ok, while Jil Sander's dress on the left is more of a close knit on a thin mesh and less cut out it's kinda cuttey outey. On the right Threeasfour (one of my new faves) does a similar sheer dress. Wonderful. They also do these sick black leggings with these wickedly-strange shaped mesh inserts that rock my world.
Jean Paul Gaultier did a military, denim grunge - I donno if I can call it grunge but that's the only word that that comes to mind. Anyhoooo it's a body suit, it's fresh, its cool (I'd be cold wearing it right now... poor circulation sucks). And then there's Chado Ralph Rucci who doesn't do 'Cut Outs' but this wonderful labyrinth shaped, spiral something. The design reminded me of the cover of a Kate Mosse book, ironically, called Labyrinth that I read when I was 10 or so. Blazer's are my weakness. I'd sell my soul for this... maybe I'll do a post about things I'd sell my soul for... watch this space.
Little baby cuts. Slice, snip, chop, trim do whatever. Herve Leger = ***** as always and so does Pringle of Scotland who showed in London instead of Milan this year. Welcome home! Tiny nicks are sweet.
And... Romantic cuts. Frida Giannini opened her spectacular Spring '10 Gucci show with a white dress that reminded myself of a snowflake but in the summer. I think JLo busted (no pun intended) this one out recently. Then Fashion Fringe showed this salmon/pale pink/rose creation that reminds me of a confection of pink construction paper. Purdy.

BUT... the masters of Spring '10 Cut Outs is without a doubt in my top 10 of most breathtaking shows ever (aka that I've documented/come across so far). Again watch this space.

Viktor and Rolf absolutely slay me with their unbelievable collection of tulle and voluminous skirts. Seriously, hands down.... GENIUS
They took chain saws to the tulle.... seriously. It's unreal. InStyle did a small piece on how to make one of these dresses. I need to dig that article out pronto.
I honestly don't have words to describe it, but HOLEY (haha) ****. Fan-freaking-tastic

So, not bad eh? Lots of pictures and alittle less text. Cut Outs bring out the best in me. It's funny, I just looked over at the Entourage episode I want to watch next and it's called 'First Cut is the Deepest'. Haha.

Cuts away!

Listening to: The Prodigy - 'Invader's Must Die'
Observations: Quiet hour in rez sucks
Craving: The next 10 days to rush by so I can go home to see my fam jam who just got back from Ethiopia and have 1200 pictures for me!!!

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