Sunday, April 18, 2010

Geometry was my favorite topic in math

I'm baaaaaaack.
Sorry for the two week delay in posting anything hip and new. Firstly classes finished on the 9th, so there was a grace period for celebration, and then I was at 'home' for the past week with my four additional 'siblings' doing nothing, really. When chilling with my four brothers-who-aren't-related-but-they're-so-close-they're-siblings there is usually alot of play fighting, hockey watching, burping and eating junk food... what a life. But seriously.
So. Much. Testosterone.

Firstly I want to brag about my designer exploits over the past fortnight which have fueled my non-posting-ness.
I wandered over to (my go-to site) and decided that I wanted my own 'Designer Directory' for each season, but abridged. So, in my insanity I dove into the 300+ designer list for Spring '10 and went through every single photograph of every single collection and took pictures of the collections and outfits that fit my design aesthetic or had interesting shapes, colors and textures.

Wow... yeah I know. Two weeks later I'm 196 designers down with easily over 500 pictures. Secondly as a result of my time away I've made a list of topics that I want to tackle, so no need to worry about a lack of things to discuss.

Today has been a long rambling post and I only want to point out the beautiful Middle Eastern geometry in two of the looks from Kenzo's Spring '10 collection.
There's a definite geometric vibe from these two flowing numbers that are probably my favorite two looks. Very neutral colors colors help balance the very active design and pattern.
Islamic art is often 'restricted' to symmetrical, geometric mosaics because of the Qu'ran's ruling that making images of God is prohibited as nothing can ever resemble Him. Therefore most art is 'abstract' in nature

And there are no loud colors, all are neutral and don't rely on color to communicate beauty. The shapes and reflective patterns are calming and intricate; the more complex the design, the more admiration it inspires.

That's all folks. Tomorrow = less text & more PICTURES

Listening to: Don Cherry's comments on the Pittsburgh - Ottawa game
Observations: Ottawa's defeat... Ohhh Caaaaaaanada
Craving: More of the green curry I just ate and a trip to the gym

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