Thursday, April 1, 2010

Must love sunshine

Today was one of those days that you want to cork in a glass bottle and keep for a rainy day; then you can unleash all of its gloriousness and bask in it all over again. Also, I swear, everyone is happy... must be something about the rush of endorphins and blah blah yackety yack. Sorry, I don't do science. Period. Urgh. But did I mention that we finally hit the double digits today.... Ahhhh bliss

I feel as though I've started this blog at a rather odd time in the year as Autumn/Winter fashion-weeks have drawn to a close and we're on the cusp of summer. I would love to go through all my favorite Spring/Summer runway looks (which previewed last September) but A) I would need to contact that all powerful guy who controls the clocks and ask for a slight freeze in the space-time continuum and B) I feel as though I should be blabbering about our fall fashion future.

Buuuuut, I'm going to be ambitious and try to tackle my fave shows and pieces from all the seasons leading up to now. In the midst of all this chaos I'll try to throw in some tid bits of ;now' when I have the chance. Phew, I'm going to be beeeezeeee especially with finals approaching and having to declare my major soon.

By the way, I should shed some light (Ahahaha, it's funny I swear) on moi, the mysterious voice that jabbers on, nonsensically into the night. I'm a first year university student, currently studying in my native Canada after having lived abroad all my life. (Series of progression = Canada, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, back to Saudi, England and back to Canada, for now). My half Egyptian side has left me with a shock of unruly curly hair (I personally draw comparisons to Cousin It, if he had stuck his finger in a light socket). My Canadian half resulted in my ability to survive (barely!) in the cold and to say 'Eh?' quite frequently. I can go from basically spewing nothings to be quite quiet and reserved. I'm an artist and an athlete. Uuuh, I'm planning on studying Art History and hopefully going on to get my doctorate in something to do with Curatorial studies. My life goal is to be a curator for either the Louvre, British Museum or the ROM, in addition to also doing a stint at a fashion magazine (Anna Wintour, 'nuff said) and restoring famous pieces of art and architecture and also trying my hand at anthropology and traveling with National Geographic. Basically, I have no clue. But as my father says... 'Nothing has ever gone according to plan for our family' and it definitely wont change with me.

Anyway, another good piece of fatherly wisdom he passed on to me is that

- Life is good

Listening to: Regina Spektor - 'Us" 
Observations: My buddies playing some football (the English kind) outside my door 
Craving: a night out or maybe some CSI... I'm undecided

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