Monday, April 5, 2010

Thanks Paul Klee, I totally agree - 'Color has taken possession of me'

I am a self professed 'magpie for color'... slightly poetic, but completely true. I've been looking at paintings and pieces of art all day, in preparation for my art history slide test tomorrow (wish me luck!) and so I decided a reprieve was in order. Its pretty obvious what my post is about... It's one of my favorite things in the world and these artists all felt it's effects:
Paul Klee said 'I know that it has hold of me forever... Color and I are one' -Untitled
Kandinsky said 'Color directly influences the soul' - Sketch for Composition VII

And Claude Monet said 'Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment' - Haystacks

Photos are from
The recent revival in my color cravings have been satisfied by designer duo Basso and Brooke and their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.This Brazilian and British pair reign supreme in the world of digital prints. (my go to runway Bible) has called them the 'Pixar of of clothes' - which could be taken in two ways: 1) they do to digital prints what Pixar does to animation (fantasmagoricalness) or 2) their prints evoke a Pixar-esque feeling because of their colors, patterns and textures.
The dress on the right reminds me of 'Finding Nemo' and a coral reef with tropical fish. Their color palette is highly vibrant and saturated with almost every color possible

They also prove that they can tackle less opulent colors and that they can deal with black. The image on the left shows their embrace of one of Spring's big trends: underwear as outer wear.

I think that this is what Joseph's technicolored dream coat would have looked like.
Runway photos from
Ok, so maybe I'm crazy, but I wore a crazy neon, splatter print dress to my 12th grade Prom and looking back it reminds me of this Basso and Brooke creation...
Color: half check. One shoulder: check. Crazy: check. Pretty close I think....
In 9th grade we had a project of some sort and I wanted to be rebellious (my teacher and I had different views on everything really) so I did what can only be described as finger painting for teens, but I do think of Basso and Brooke now when I see it.
Anyway... back to studying
- Life is good
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  1. I was studying for my Art Content Praxis test (to be licensed as an Art Teacher) when I came across your blog by means of Paul Klee. Your blog is very fun and I loved reading it!


  2. Looking up Paul Klee and found this, I like the association you made to contemporary fashion. I also really like your finger painting.